Media the portrayal of black women and more specifically black mothers is usually stereotypical or negative.

So the founders of Mater Mae, Mater, a new organization that celebrates mothers of color living in New York City, make it their mission to shed light on the wonderful things that mothers of color do for their children and their communities.

The founders of Mater Mae, although not yet mothers themselves, believed that it is duty to bring awareness to amazing women and to empower others through the process.

“There is not a lot of positive perspective out there for womanhood and motherhood, especially for women of color,”co-founder of Mater Mae, Deborah Choi. “Most of the time when we are portrayed it is in a negative way that does not represent us at all.”

Mater Mae’s website profiles the beauty and success is of these women in photographs and the three founders organize the website with Choi handling the content, Akitunde doing interview, and Quazi King taking photos. The trio had the idea to begin this website. After coming to this realization and sharing a desire to tell the stories of mothers of color who are doing great things for their children as well as the community.

Both Choi and Akitunde want to alter the negative viewpoints that members of society tend to believe of African American women into something that is positive and true.

“There are so many black mothers out there who are making a difference, and we feel it to be our job to capture their true essence. The idea of motherhood for a black women is very strong”, Choi said.

Mater Mae is meant to inspire other mothers. The challenge of being a mother and maintaining a career is always difficult. The mothers who are in Mater Mae are able to juggle this perfectly.

The website is updated monthly. Choi and Akitunde are always looking for remarkable women to introduce to the people of New York City.

Mater Mae’s website,, just recently launched their website on mother’s day.