G.L.A.M Saturday with Madeline McCray (40052)

This Saturday June 23rd in Harlem, there will be a social networking event hosted by G.L.A.M, Glorifying Ladies Advancements and Motivations. The poster for the event states “Meet face to face with other professionals; exchange valuable information; create a connection; and share your success.”

The event will take place at the Brownstone Lounge at 247 Frederick Douglass Blvd avenue, between 140th and 141st streets, from 5 to 8PM. Author and motivational Madeline McCray will be the special guest for the event. The event will feature her self help book Healthy Women Rock: How To Live The Life You Desire and Deserve, Lose Weight and Control Negative Thoughts.

There will be several couture vendors in attendance including Sabrina Dore, founder, Phenomenal Women Empowerment Alliance, Charm & Etiquette School.

There is a five dollar donation, happy hour specials, a good food menu and the dress code is enforced. RSVP is to be done by email by contacting Ms. Raquea Hemingway via rkhemingway@gmail.com.