Last week, the auditorium at P.S. 154 got a much-needed upgrade: a new air conditioning system.

School librarian Carla Burns, who headed the project, said that before the new system was added, the auditorium was sweltering hot and that “this is the first time they are able to comfortably use the auditorium in the spring.” The auditorium, which has no windows, was always hot and the school wouldn’t open any doors to let air in because of the possible security risk.

The money used for the air conditioning system was originally meant to be used for a playground for the school, but when officials found it wouldn’t be enough money to build the playground, they found a way to use the money to get the school’s auditorium a new air conditioner after five years.

The project was completed by working with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s office.

Before a representative from Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s office, Foskett came the ribbon on the auditorium students crowed the doorway in excitement.

Burns asked the students, “How many people have been in our auditorium when it’s roasting hot?”

A resounding sound of “Me!” came from the students, hands raised as they surrounded the door.

Burns responded, “When you go in today, it will no longer be sweltering hot.” The students then sat in the auditorium and did a dedication ceremony. The students sang “Lift Every Voice” and recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the student creed. The fifth grade class council came up to the stage and each had a part in thanking the representative from Stringer’s office. The auditorium was renamed the Scott Stringer Auditorium.

Principal Elizabeth Jarrett, who has been the principal at P.S. 154 for 15 years, said, “Ms. Burns has been relentless in her efforts to get this project done.” In her speech, Jarrett said, “We thank you, Ms. Burns.”