It’s no secret that African-Americans and Latinos have been hit hard by our shaky economy. A new report from the Center of American Progress, titled “Communities of Color in the U.S. Economy,” revealed that Blacks and Hispanics suffer from higher rates of unemployment than other groups. Blacks and Hispanics with jobs earn lower pay than their counterparts, contributing to lower household incomes.

While many Black Americans search for jobs and others fight to make ends meet, successful CEO Kenny Rushing seeks to empower Black Americans to create their own business with his program, “How to Buy American Real Estate.”

As an entrepreneur, Rushing says he also provides jobs for his community. “When you create an opportunity for yourself as a landlord, you have the ability to become an employer,” he said.

When Rushing moved to Florida at the age of 10, he was homeless. He turned a life of crime around and went to college. “I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth,” he confessed. “I was willing to gain specialized knowledge, which came in the form of real estate, investing and entrepreneurship. I went out there and did something with that.”

Rushing began his “House Hustling” business to teach others how to make money through real estate. He bought his first house with $2,500 and, after some minor renovations, resold it and made $35,000. Twelve years later, he has expanded his operation. His firm buys land and develops it and specializes in refinancing mortgage notes.

Rushing is famous for transforming the lives of individuals who benefit from his education, training and coaching. “I have been involved in more than $100 million worth of real estate deals,” he stated. “I have made over 1,000 transactions on the buy and sell side. I own apartments in 22 different states.”

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