It is called Sistas’ Place, but in reality, it has always been our place. For 17 years, Sistas’ Place has remained one of the most courageous, signicant, independent, stand-alone cultural institutions serving the Black community.

Sistas’ Place has always taken up the responsibility to nourish the hearts and minds of our people by providing essential forums for cultural as well as political expression. This important institution has provided, among other things, a platform for live Black music, lms, critical political forums and even press conferences.

Over the years it has been the headquarters of many committees and coalitions, including the Freedom Party, most often at no cost to those who have need of it. Sistas’ Place has, without hesitation, loved Black people for 17 years. And as Teddy Pendergrass has pointed out, “It’s so good loving somebody, when somebody loves you back.” At this moment, we are blessed with an opportunity to give some love back to Sistas’ Place.

This is the one cultural and political institution that truly belongs to us, and as such, we will sustain it. Sistas’ Place has no corporate sponsors, no wealthy guardian angel, but Sistas’ Place has you and I. And the good news is, that’s enough!

To address this critical nancial challenge, we are launching a Sistas’ Place membership drive. We need 400 people in the next 20 days to become sustaining members of Sistas’ Place by buying a $30 membership. We must do this quickly because we have a number of critical issues to get back to. As they say at Sistas’ Place, “Straight ahead.”

We need you to respond today. Please become a sustaining member by sending your membership fee to Sistas’ Place, 456 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11216. Make your payment payable to the Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer Woman’s Coalition.

I respect you,

Bob Law

The Renaissance Men for Sistas’ Place