Sports legend celebrates  20th Trey Whitfield anniversary (36901)
Sports legend celebrates  20th Trey Whitfield anniversary (36900)

A room full of NBA stars, including NBA Hall of Famer Sam Jones, former St. John’s All-American and former New York Knick Mel Davis and NBA Hall of Famer Earl Monroe, celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Trey Whitfield Foundation Awards Dinner. The event honors the memory of Trey Whitfield, who lost his life in a tragic boating accident while saving the life of a classmate. The event continued the organization’s tradition of honoring young academic achievers, some 10 overall.

Also honored were some 12 adults who have made meaningful contributions to uplift their communities. The affair was guided by Janie Whitney and A.B. Whitfield, both of whom share responsibilities at the Trey Whitfield School in East New York. Fox Sports NFL sportscaster Pam Oliver and Clifton Davis of TV’s “Amen” were the enjoyable hosts for the evening.