Fifteen day vigil for Michael Lembhard begins (38877)

This evening at 5p.m., a candle light vigil will be held in honor of Michael Lembhard, the 22-year-old killed by two police officers in Newburgh, New York last March.

Called “A Vigil for Justice,” the demonstration, which began Monday, will last for 15 days. It will end on August 27th, which would have been Lembhard’s 23rd birthday.

Lembhard’s family hopes the vigil will call attention to the violence carried out by police against black men. Each day of the vigil will focus on one possible solution to the police killings.

The last day of the vigil will conclude with a rally attended by Lembhard’s family, public figures including former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, as well as other families with members killed by the police.

The 15 days of the vigil represent the 15 shots fired at Lembhard by two police officers in his sister’s home. Newburgh police said Lembhard approached them with a knife. Police then open fired, with eight of the bullets hitting Lembhard in the back. The police officers responsible for Lembhard’s death were cleared of all charges in a grand jury investigation last month.