Halloween will make your child scream (36132)

As I drive through the African-American communities, I cannot recognize a Boys and Girls Club; after-school programs, especially in tutoring; Little League baseball and football teams; and especially male Sunday school teachers who make a commitment to teach from September until June.

Many of our churches are packed with adults on Sunday, but Sunday schools are dwindling. What’s happening in our communities is that the spirit is dying.

Recently, while reading the book “Say Amen: The African-American Family’s Book of Prayers,” edited by the Rev. Chestina Mitchell Archibald, I came across a prayer, “Peace in the Community” by the Rev. Otis L. Weldon Sr. of Lithonia, Ga. He states that it gives him hope and reassurance that despite of all the problems and trouble in our communities, God is still with us. He further reminds us that it is the duty of each one of us as God’s children to work hard to make our community one that reflects God’s will.


“O God, we stretch our hands to Thee, for no other help we know, if Thou withdraw Thyself from us, O wither shall we go?

“We come with our hearts heavily burdened. For when we look around, there is trouble on every hand. Some children are either selling or using drugs. Consequently, our neighborhoods are not safe. There are drive-by shootings, burglaries, car jackings, and all types of violent crimes.

“We are calling on you, O God, because we know that you love us too much to forsake us and are too true to Your word not to be with us in our time of need. You promised never to leave us alone! So we are asking You to do something to give us the assurance that You are with us during our turmoil.

“Do something! Do something, O God, to help us to be better parents, better neighbors and better citizens. That we may be able to realize that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper. And we will be very careful to give You all the praise, all the glory and all the honor–all we want is the blessing of being able to live in a peaceful community. Amen! Amen!”

We urgently need more young and old brothers and sisters who will take up the challenge to end this negative behavior!