The Lady Pioneers (40288)
The Lady Pioneers (40287)

Earlier this week, history reared his sometimes forgetful head and finally did the right thing. Too many people are now too ecstatic to be bitter that, finally, the Augusta National Golf Club, after 80 years of preventing the integration of their world-famous club, will allow female members.

Yes! It was a long time coming and George W. Bush’s former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore, a wizard-like financier, will for sure wear green jackets just like the guys. But to be honest, I am probably more delirious that Shannon Eastin will enjoy putting on the zebra-like stripes of a National Football League official. It is more pleasing and ironic that her break came as a result of her outstanding work and commendations from the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. Yes! That Black college football conference where we saw Eastin work many games.

More than anything, we are pleased that Eastin was the first female college official to make her debut at the annual New York Urban League Football Classic. More to come.