Pastor Jamal Bryant speaks at DNC Black Caucus (38232)

Social and civil rights activist Pastor Jamal Bryant spoke at “Faith! Honoring the DNC Black Caucus and the 2012 African-American Delegates” on Sept. 2 in Charlotte, N.C., at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

The event was slated as the first of this caliber to honor the history and pride of the DNC Black Caucus and the over 800 African-American delegates representing the 50 states and U.S. territories. The DNC Black Caucus is seen by some as a key element in securing the African-American vote for the Democratic Party on a local and national level. That is the legacy that was honored at this event as delegates prepared for the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

“Pastor Bryant is one of this generation’s most dynamic speakers and a true leader in the fight for social justice and economic equality in the African-American community,” read the press statement announcing the event. “He believes there is a new generation of young activists who are prepared to utilize their rights and their voices to make a change in this country’s political climate.

“He has made no secret of the importance of the Black church playing a major role in the 2012 election through educating its members about the issues facing their communities, such as racial profiling, unemployment, health care, minority funding for education and economic inequity.”