The largest public employee union in the city revealed its endorsements for the September primaries late last week.

DC 37 announced that it’s endorsing New York State Assembly candidates Inez Barron in the 60th District and William Boyland Jr. in the 55th District in Brooklyn, among other candidates around the city. They’re also endorsing Gustavo Rivera and Shirley Huntley for state Senate in the 33rd and 10th districts respectively.

DC 37 Executive Director Lillian Roberts talked about the union’s endorsements in a released statement.

“The DC 37 Executive Board endorsed this list of very qualified candidates, following a recommendation by the DC 37 Screening Committee, because of their proven record in support of the issues important to the men and women we represent, who work so hard to serve New York,” said Roberts. “We firmly believe that these candidates will best represent the interests of the labor community of our city and our state. Our endorsement brings with it a pledge to work diligently on their behalf with our powerful, sophisticated field operations to get out the vote. We have a proven record of successfully supporting our endorsed candidates.”

Roberts also wanted to “thank the DC 37 Screening Committee, the DC 37 Executive Board for their hard work and deliberations throughout this election season and, most especially, for their selections of our endorsed candidates.”

However, one of those candidates is currently in political hot water as the primary approaches. On Monday, Huntley was arrested and accused of creating a fake paper trail to conceal that her nonprofit agency, revealed to be a sham, wasn’t pocketing taxpayer money.