Miele's jungle prints are soft and stylish (36178)
Miele's jungle prints are soft and stylish (36177)
Miele's jungle prints are soft and stylish (36176)

Carlos Miele’s spring-summer 2013 collection steps into the hallucinatory jungle. A giraffe print in phosphate blue, a tiger skin in oxidized yellow assume unexpected soft, flowing forms. In this collection, shown at Lincoln Center for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Miele explores the beauty of the wild with dense, hybrid patterns that free the imagination.

Born in So Paulo, Miele is a multi-disciplinary creator with an informal artistic background, who has worked in collaboration with artists such as Sol LeWitt, Tunga, Arto Lindsay and Paulo Mendes da Rocha (winner of the Pritzker Prize). Always in constant experimentation, he crosses various frontiers while confining different languages as art performances, videos, installations and architecture.

As a fashion designer, Miele always has represented the popular culture of his native country abroad. His designs transcend the influences of his Brazilian roots as he reconstructs them for new audiences. The designer also distills a variety of urban environments, drawing inspiration from very distinct groups of women: cosmopolitan, sophisticated and independent. It becomes clear that life’s frontiers are imaginary.

During the last decade, Carlos Miele has dedicated himself only to his fashion work. In 2001, he started showing internationally in London, and since 2002 he has been showing his collection in New York. His designs reflect his experiences working in So Paulo, New York and Paris. Miele is considered by Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune to be “the master of fiery colors, patterns” and “master of the delicate craft and intricate detail.”

His sexy, beautiful gowns are feminine. His prints, and the way he mixes them up, are precious. The positive results of his impeccable tailoring are also reflected in sales at important stores in 27 countries.

The designer offers an amazing ability to mesh strong fashion vision and social conscience. For his designs, he has developed important partnerships with artisan cooperatives from several regions of his native country. Miele brings Brazil’s traditional craft techniques to his collections. His designs are available at the designer’s stores in New York, Paris, Brazil and international stores in over 20 countries. Good Show!