Hair Rules now (38419)
Hair Rules now (38418)

The experts at Hair Rules New York Salon, located upstairs at 828 Ninth Ave., work on all hair types. They invite you to learn about your hair and will teach you their philosophy.

It’s important to understand the concept of hair texture. Every day can be a great hair day, I was advised. Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, kinky or anywhere in between, Hair Rules will cut, style, color, texturize/relax, treat, or weave/lock your tresses in the manner that best reveals your beauty. They also teach you how to use this minute’s products and basically show you how to care for your hair. The Hair Rules team understands that not all hair texture is created equal, but each should be treated with equal indulgence.

Built on a heritage of beauty, education and community, Hair Rules New York is one of the first and only multi-textural salons in the U.S. The salon offers a healthy approach to hair care and styling. Their goal is to undo years of despair and disappointment by helping their clients rediscover their natural texture, embrace the versatility it offers and wear it in the way that’s most flattering–but via healthy, responsible methods. Boasting an elite team of well-trained stylists and colorists, they offer a safe and healthy approach to hair care, color, texturizers, relaxers and styling methods.

The salon uses exclusive “ting” treatments in a luxurious composition of essentials oils, each containing specific therapeutic properties, to alleviate your hair issues and nourish your scalp.

You will meet the salon’s founders, celebrity hairstylist Anthony Dickey and former supermodel Kara Young Geargiopoulos. They make an excellent team.

They work makeup magic, too. The salon is open Tuesday to Saturday. For appointments, call 212-315-2929 or email