We are almost one month into this new school year. Some kids just started kindergarten and some started a new school such as middle (junior high) or high school. My sister just started middle and I started high school.

Middle school is like elementary, but you’re getting used to getting up and walking around to your classes and having different classes every day. However, in high school, you still have that middle school mentality, but you have different classes with different people. It is built that way to get students ready for that mental environment in college. Many high schools such as mine are getting students ready for college, and we have already started to learn about college credits and Regents for the freshman year.

Just four weeks of school after that long hot summer break, and middle schoolers are already thinking about state exams, and we high schoolers are preparing for Regents and Saturday classes.

School prepares you for life. You learn how to study, how to socialize and how to conduct yourself appropriately. We are thinking about our future, and we are learning about the world. Every day I have a brand-new question for my mom. Sometimes they are obscure, but our teachers encourage us to be inquisitive.

You might not hear this a lot, but I actually really like school–the tons of homework is bananas sometimes–but it is all a means to a great end. That’s what the teachers tell us, anyway!