The true story dates back to August of 1987 when parents Joy White and Carl Tyson took their 3-week-old daughter, Carlina, to Harlem Hospital in New York with a 103 degree fever little did they know they would not see their daughter for more than 20 years. At the same time Ann Pettway, unable to conceive, was desperate for a child of her own. Pettway devised a plan and that day she abducted Carlina.

Lifetime has now taken the incredibly true story of Carlina White and turned it into one

of their original movies, “Abducted: The Carlina White Story,” with an amazing cast Aunjanue Ellis (“The Help”), Keke Palmer (“True Jackson”, “VP”), and Emmy Award winner Sherri Shepherd (“The View”).

In the movie, Carlina White, played by Palmer, is abducted as an infant by Ann Pettway played by Aunjanue Ellis from a New York

hospital. She solves her own kidnapping 23 years later and reunites herself with her biological parents. Ellis told the daily News ” the story is about a child caught between two mothers under horrible circumstances.”

But the cast did not meet or speak with any of the families involved. Instead they opted to watch interviews, and read court transcripts of the case. On July 30th of this year, Pettway was sentenced in a New York court to 12 years in prison for kidnapping Carlina.

The story goes on to tell of Pettway renaming the child Nejdra “Netty” Nance and raising her as her own in Bridgeport, Connecticut only 45 miles from New York City. But as Carlina grew older she began to suspect Pettway was not her birth mother, because they did not resemble one another and her inability to get a social security card. She then launched

her own investigation. After contacting the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Carlina was reunited with her biological parents in January 2011 after DNA profiling confirmed she was the missing Carline White.

The movie aired **were publishing after the 6th so past tense on October 6 @ 8 just months after Pettway was sentenced. Immediately following the Lifetime will premiered an documentary, Beyond the Headlines: Carlina White, featuring interviews with Carlina telling her own story, as well as her birthparents and the family of her kidnapper as they offered their perspectives about the case.

The movie was produced by Pilgrim Studios, which also produced other Lifetime original movies such as ” Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy” Music for the film was composed by Grammy Award-winning and Golden Globe-nominated composer and musician Terence Blanchard who also composed for movies such as “Red Tails”, “25th hour”, and “Malcolm X”