Manhattan Country School fifth-graders, as part of debate class, will be debating the merits of Mitt Romney versus President Barack Obama on Wednesday, Oct. 17. They will have two weeks to prepare their debates and then will face-off in an interactive and representational argument.

Fifth-graders are learning to articulate, justify and clarify their positions on an issue. Rebuttals are used as an attempt to refute statements made by the opposing side.

When Manhattan Country School opened in 1966, it did so with the hope that it would be a new model for education based on diversity. At a time when integrated private schools were a rarity, Manhattan Country School was largely an experiment. Today, MCS is a school with economically and racially balanced enrollment, an exemplary social justice curriculum and a working farm in the Catskill Mountains where students learn about sustainable living through experience. In a country where 20 percent of the people under 25 are multiracial and where sustainability is an increasing concern, MCS’ enrollment and curriculum is no longer a utopian ideal but a reflection of the diversity, concerns and potential of the people of the United States today.

For more information about the upcoming student-led debate, please contactPinki Shah, fifth grade head teacher, by emailing pshah@manhattancountryschool.orgor calling 212-348-0952, ext. 281/280 or visit