Greatest moments in the history of Madison Square Garden (38860)

Madison Square Garden will celebrate some of the greatest moments in the arena’s more than 130-year history with a special event today, Oct. 11, at 11 a.m. at Madison Square Park, the location of the original and second Garden arenas. The event will unveil the unforgettable moments, which will be commemorated through two unique exhibits, “Garden 366” and “Defining Moments,” as part of Phase II of the Garden’s historic three-year, top-to-bottom transformation.

Since 1879, the Garden’s four arena complexes have played host to some of the greatest sports, entertainment and political moments in history. At this special event, luminaries who were a part of these remarkable moments will come together to unveil how the arena will pay homage to this great history this fall.

With the debut of the transformation’s second phase in November 2012, the Madison Concourse (the sixth floor) will be completed with the addition of “Garden 366,” a visual retrospective that brings to life one moment in Garden history for every day of the year. The retrospective will wrap around the entire circumference of the arena, creating a visual calendar of the Garden’s rich history spanning sports, music, entertainment and politics.

In addition, this fall, the first 10 of 20 of the Garden’s “Defining Moments” will be commemorated on the Madison Concourse through special exhibits that feature photos, memorabilia and additional artifacts representing each amazing moment in Garden history. The remaining 10 “Defining Moments” will be integrated into the Garden Concourse (eighth floor) for debut in fall 2013.