When a “well meaning” politico stated that he did not care bout the 47 percent,

Whom do you think that he really meant?

Was it the tax-exempt churches whose leaders guide spiritually everyday?

Or the Men of Valor, Police, Firemen, Soldiers, who keep the chaotic world at bay?

Or the Men of Valor, Fathers, who protect and provide for families everyday?

The college students who study and sacrifice to learn a better way?

The disabled, who have given their all?

Or Doctors, with or without borders, who treat us and make us well.

Or the unionized men and women who go to work every day without fail?

Or the farmers, who grow the nation’s food,

Or mothers, who meet responsibilities of duo-parenthood?

Or those lawmakers who do care about the people they serve.

Even the men and women who are locked up put their time in and produce, produce, produce.

How about the small business owners who care about their employees,

Or even the huge, big-box stores, the large “chains”?

Every day, employees are needed to run that game.

Or our seniors, our beloved seniors: Veterans, grandmothers, grandfathers paved the way

for all of the outstanding success that we enjoy today–

And they too earned “The American Dream” in their lives, the “old-fashioned way.”

Or everyday people, like you and me,

Who need just a small slice of the American Pie.

This is a right, not an entitlement, and you cannot deride.

In reality, the 47 percent is the 99: Brave, honest Americans who are the backbone of this country and keep it alive.