Maryam Bibi Moma is beautiful, and she’s created ways to share her beauty secrets, naturally.

The retired model of Tanzanian-Nigerian heritage is the creator of Yamerra, an all-natural beauty product line for the skin and hair–a logical step for a woman who spent many successful years in front of the camera.

Her product line, available in stores in New York, Philadelphia, Nebraska, Mexico City, Japan, Dubai and her home country, Nigeria, has a growing, loyal fan base worldwide because it works.

The competitive, global beauty business is not for the weak. Beauty has a price, but Maryam is undaunted, and her can-do attitude can be traced to her strong African roots.

“I am a driven African woman, from a long line of strong women,” she recently declared. “I am determined to succeed in whatever I put my mind to.”

Clearly, her mind, spirit and unbridled entrepreneurial spirt is focused on making clients beautiful, naturally.

Maryam created Yamerra six years ago, out of a need to improve the quality of skin- and hair-care products. Her own products use all-natural ingredients such as shea butter, a natural fat extracted from the African shea tree.

The healing and restorative powers of shea are legend, creating beauty inside and outside, which makes this substance a perfect complement to Yamerra’s primary goal, which is promoting earth-friendly ways to love and cherish the soul’s temple.

It’s easy to learn about the products. Let’s find out more about the woman behind the natural way to looking your personal best.

AmNews: What makes you tick? Why do you do what you do?

Moma: I love to travel and learn about other cultures, their ways of life, food, music and art and their people. I strive to be better than yesterday and enjoy raising my personal bar consistently. I live eco-consciously, yet ultra-fashionably–yes, it’s possible. I love high-end fashion, and would go to great lengths for a Balmain blazer.

How would you describe yourself?

Determined. Driven. Passionate about learning everything and finding ways to continue living eco-consciously. I’d add that I am loyal to a fault and give of myself and my heart to family and friends, once it is given. I do not believe in geographic or spatial barriers. I am a citizen of the world and work hard to promote living sustainably and consciousness about the environment.

Amen, Sister. So, let’s talk fashion. What can’t you not have in the closet?

My custom-made belt-necklace by Marc Bernstein–it goes with everything I wear. My purple G-Shock watch by Casio, and of course the Yamerra kanga–lightweight, hand-dyed, organic cotton fabric with over 30 uses. Best of all is confidence–it’s the best accessory a girl can own and “wear” on a daily basis.

Note to self: “I’d like a Yamerra kanga.” Moving on, what do you do for fun?

Swimming, reading (highly recommending Art of Seduction by Robert Grene, Women by Charles Bukowski, The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov and Competitive Advantage by Michael Porter), eating, cooking and learning about fresh herbs and natural spices.

Food. Yes. So, what is your favorite restaurant in the city?

Hard question. New York City has so much great food. I love Hecho en Dumbo on the Lower East Side. My favorite dish: tacos de tuetano, which is roasted bone marrow topped with caramelized beef tongue and served with a sweet sherry-avocado salsa and house-made yellow corn tortillas. Barrio Chino and the Ten Bells on the Lower East Side are some of my other favorites.

Any key projects coming up in the next months?

I am working on creating an exclusive all-natural men’s line within the Yamerra brand.

Thank you for sharing so much of your inner spirit. In closing, anything else you might want to share with the Amsterdam News readers?

Work hard, play hard, live with love, give freely and with all your heart. Cultivate your skill set to enable yourself. Take, while always giving value in return. Be open to learning and evolving every day. Live with care for the environment, eco-consciously–after all, being eco-conscious is ultra-fashionable!

Visit Eco-Conscious Yamerra at 648 Broadway to check out the products first-hand. To learn more, visit and