Our future hangs in the balance. We have less than two weeks until the election for the president of the United States. The stakes are high, and the fight seems to be between the haves and have-nots. But is it really?

If we look at the people who support Mitt Romney, besides the 1 Percent, they are in many cases good, working-class men and women, who have worked hard all of their lives and seem to be getting short shrift. So what is it that sets them apart from the folks who are voting for President Barack Obama? The differences are:

* They are mostly white and mostly male.

* They have bought into the notion of the birthers.

* They have been made afraid of the president (or people of color in general) by right-wing media.

* They don’t understand how government actually works.

* They have lost their jobs and believe that it is the Democrats’ fault, when in fact the jobs were lost due to the last administration’s blunders.

* They have bought into all the lies.

* They can’t rationalize personal views from the overall public good.

* They believe the promises Romney has made even though good-government organizations say his plans won’t work.

* They ignore the flip-flops that Romney has made.

* They really don’t get that he does not care about them.

So what do we have to do? We have to debunk the myths that are surrounding us. We need to call the folks we know on both sides of the aisle and tell them to spread the truth to their friends and neighbors. We have to arm ourselves with facts and, number one, we must get to the polls.

This election will determine where this country goes for the next several decades. At least two Supreme Court justices will be selected. Federal judges and numerous bills will come into effect and change the course of American history. We are at a critical crossroads and we cannot pivot into another direction.

If we turn around now, we will be set on a course for disaster, and the folks who will be the first victims will be people of color across this nation. We must fight. We must vote. We must win. Vote Barack Obama on Tuesday, Nov. 6.