How many of you have awaken the morning after the presidential debates and could actually articulate how President Barack Obama would enhance our foreign policy, address the threat of Iran, create jobs, turn around the economy and stop the dramatic increase in health care premiums after he declared that premiums would never increase under Obamacare. Instead, all you hear is Obama blaming Romney and attacking his policies that create jobs and lower tax rates.

I would like to pose a question to the die-hard Obama faithful: What would need to happen in the economy before you assign responsibility to Obama? The reason for this question is that I see that many of you Obama supporters think that everything from Obama is Bush’s fault because everything was inherited and everything is the Republican Congress’ fault. Do these reasons imply that just because someone inherited something that is chaotic, that it abolishes all responsibility for any worsening of the situation? An honest answer would indicate that although conditions are tough, ultimately a person is hired to a job to solve problems, not make them worse.

Think about this analogy: If somebody is hired for a management position where their specific job is to fix a failing department in a company, that person takes full responsibility for that department once that person is hired. If the company’s profits do not improve, regardless of how the other workers behave, the project manager is ultimately the person responsible for the situation. If any of you remember the television show “The Apprentice,” Donald Trump almost always fired the project manager of the losing team because they failed to lead and work with team members to create viable business solutions. Trump is also one of the richest and most successful men in business in America.

If Obama was a contestant on “The Apprentice,” he would probably be sitting in a room with the Republican Congress trying to explain to Trump why he should stay in the game as chief executive of this country. However, we as voters are lucky to be put in the position of Trump in the boardroom of America. We are the ones who decide whether Obama should be given a second chance or whether he should be fired. To the Obama faithful, I urge you to look at your fellow employees right now wherever you are working and seriously think about whether you would want employees that consistently fail to perform in tough situations.

Perhaps that is the wrong show. Older Americans may remember the show “Queen for a Day.” Each contestant would tell the audience her story of misery and misfortune. At the end of these tales of woe, the audience would vote to give the prize to the contestant who had the most miserable life. Obama’s record of the past four years is certainly a tale of woe. The tale includes unacceptably high unemployment; trillion-dollar deficits, a 50 percent increase in the national debt to $16 trillion; anemic economic recovery with growth of less than 2 percent; a 5 percent reduction in median family income; a fiscal cliff about to send America into a double-dip recession; a cover-up of the murder of America’s Libyan ambassador; a doubling of the price of gasoline; and increased medical insurance premiums, which Obamacare was supposed to reduce–legislation that Congress had to pass before they could read it. Yes, Obama would even beat former President Jimmy Carter in the contest to become “Queen for a Day.”

Obama should admit, although conditions are extremely tough, ultimately he was elected to solve problems, not make them worse and certainly not continue his 2012 campaign to blame others as to why they still persist.

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