As the city continues to recover from the devastation left behind from Hurricane Sandy, the signs that the city is getting back to normal are showing.

At a press conference recently held Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that depending on power conditions about of school 65 schools will not to be able to reopen. The schools in those buildings may not be able to resume classes until Wednesday.

About 96 percent of the school buses to be running on Monday morning.

The new problem now facing people dealing the aftermath of the hurricane continues to be the lack of access to food and water. At a press conference on Saturday Gov. Andrew Cuomo announce that food is begging to be distributed to those areas.

“Many people in hard hit areas across the city, including many in public city housing, need fresh water and food,” Bloomberg said.

Distributions of food will resume on Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. 13 distribution sites opened, staffed by National Guard members, New York City Service volunteers, and by the staff of the Salvation Army.

Each person will be able to take three meals and five bottles of water home from the staging areas. People should bring their own bags for the food and water if at all possible.

The city’s current death toll as a result of Hurricane Sandy stands at 42.

Nearly 80 percent of subway service has resumed. East River ferry and Staten Island Ferry service has resumed. The Holland Tunnel is open on a limited basis for commercial vehicles and buses.

There are currently about 5,500 people in the city’s evacuation shelters. About 20 percent are classified as having special medical needs. There are now 15 shelters.

While several city parks and playgrounds are open beaches remain closed. Polluted water from discharged sewers are making water at beaches unsafe.

JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airports are open.

After much criticism, the New York City Marathon remains cancelled. Organizers say that holding it would prove to be divisive and that plans are being made to donate several services from the marathon to those devastated by the hurricane.

There are almost 55,000 buildings in Zone A that the Buildings Department still has to inspect. So far the Buildings Department has been to more than 8,500 of them. Eighty percent of those buildings are safe to inhabit

Anyone affected by Sandy including homeowners, renters, and businesses can apply for federal disaster assistance by going to or call the Federal Emergency Management agency at 1-800-621-3362.

Those interested in volunteering with storm relief efforts should register with NYC Service at The city plans to identify opportunities for volunteers in the coming days.