As election day looms many New Yorkers are still recovering, and suffering from destruction from Hurricane Sandy. And with polling sites destroyed or damaged by the floodwaters and wind, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order allowing any New Yorker to vote by affidavit at any polling place in the state.

Residents must vote in their legislative district if they wish to vote counted in local elections, otherwise they will only be able to vote in the state and presidential election.

The board of elections has said “Due to damage it caused, the Board of Elections of the City of New York is temporarily relocating or combining some poll site locations across all five boroughs.” There are 149 poll sites that have been relocated since the primary elections. Here is a list, by burrow, of sites that have been changed for tomorrow. the Board of Elections also urges people to ” visit our poll site locator on our website or through our smartphone applications to verify their poll site location prior to Election Day this Tuesday.”

The New York Amsterdam News will keep this information updated prior to the election, for the most up to date information see: