Oriol Gutierrez was named editor-in-chief of POZ magazine in New York last week, making him the first openly HIV-positive Latino man to sit at the editorial helm of a national health magazine in the country.

Gutierrez, 42, has been an editor with Smart and Strong/CDM Publishing LLC in New York since 2008. In addition to POZ magazine, the premier publication devoted to people living with HIV/AIDS, the organization also publishes several other health-related publications and websites, including Real Health, Tu Salud, Hep and AIDSmeds.com.

Gutierrez has been HIV-positive since 1992 and has written dozens of articles, blogs, tweets and essays about living with the virus.

In a media release announcing the appointment, Ian Anderson, president of Smart and Strong, said, “As the first openly HIV-positive gay Latino to become editor-in-chief of POZ, Oriol brings a point of view that reflects this moment in the epidemic. Although all communities are at risk of HIV, people of color and gay men remain at the highest risk.”

Gutierrez said he doesn’t expect to make any major changes in the editorial content of the publication. “POZ will continue entertaining and educating our readers by doing what we do best, which is telling the stories of all people with HIV/AIDS and our allies.”

To view a recent issue of POZ, visit www.poz.com.