Police officers in Trenton were reshuffled and reassigned last week following a credible threat made by gang members.

According to various reports, about a dozen police officers in the Garden State’s capital city were immediately yanked off foot patrol duty last Monday after the department received a direct and pointed threat of gang violence, including death threats against police officers in the city. Acting Police Director Dave Armitage made the call after 9 p.m. after the department received word that gang members in and around the city were planning to murder a police officer on patrol.

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack-already the subject of stinging and constant criticism and rebuke from constituents regarding his less-than-stellar overall performance as mayor for the past two years-said he introduced foot patrols earlier this month in order to increase officer visibility.

However, police unions have rejected the initiative as a blatant waste of manpower and a feeble effort by the mayor to boost his sagging popularity with residents.

As of late last week, some foot patrols in the city were either still temporarily suspended or scaled back. Dozens of bloggers have weighed in heavily on the topic, with some criticizing Mack and other senior officials for bowing to gang threats. One wrote, “I can’t believe the police are pulled…so the gangs rule, this is the ultimate.”

Another blogger wrote, “Trenton is a dangerous place. Anytime a gang issues a threat and the mayor and police retreat, that tells you who is in charge, and it’s not the mayor! I’m moving!”