Fall/winter fur report (38691)
Fall/winter fur report (38690)

For fall/winter, furs dominate the runway. More designers than ever have created complementary fur collections, as well as those who opted to incorporate fur embellishments to punctuate and differentiate their hallmark brands. According to the Fur Council of America (FCIA), “There is something to choose from, whether you define yourself as a minimalist, color queen, bohemian or sleek and chic.” A fur is perfect for cozying up to the whipping winds outdoors and providing a warm cocoon from this winter’s bitter chill.

If you have “vested” interests, the look pays homage to the 1960s. Fur vests exploded on the scene, and they are in high demand for fall/winter. There are long ones, short ones, asymmetrical, belted or loose-fitting looks. The styles are endless. Vests are easy staple pieces to mix and match for men and women. Furs are now also available in a host of color options. If you can dream it, you can wear it. From warm and deep earthy hues reminiscent of safari sunsets to vibrant candy shades, furs in colors add to the excitement and drama of any wardrobe.

On the runway at New York’s fall/winter 2012 shows at New York City’s Lincoln Center, Venexiana offered exquisite fabrics and elaborate styles. She focused on tailoring and witty embellishments. Venexiana is the go-to fashion house for rock ‘n’ roll. Her furs, though limited to a few pieces in this collection, were sumptuous. Her jackets were fabulous.

Black is back by popular demand. Mysterious, sleek and always appropriate, black is a color for all seasons and all occasions. It’s a color that exudes luxury and opulence. In some styles, there’s just a fur trim on the sleeves and collars.

For men, the caveman look is in; however, expect some

upgrades. As men are more exposed to all of the fashion options available to them, FCIA foresees a huge increase in the demand for men’s fur fashion. The current looks are sexy, rugged and very masculine. Look for fur-trimmed collars and big fur jackets. For women, laid-back furs are noticeable. Just like a second skin, fur can be comfortable and cozy. Not just for draping over the shoulders for a night at the opera, furs can also be thrown together with a pair of sweats or jeans for instant style and “chic.”

Another thing, fur speaks in volumes. There are lush and voluminous furs on the job. Short and chubby or long and floor-sweeping, nothing brings the drama to a look like fur. Furs are also fit to be tied; add your own personal embellishment with a corset or belt.

Furs make great accessories from head to toe. Whether dangling from your shoulder or arm, enveloping your head or cascading like a waterfall around your neck, a touch of fur will give you that luxurious indulgence and set you apart from any fashion tribe. Dramatic draping treatments on furs are extravagant and exaggerated. So envelop yourself and strut your stuff in this season’s fur showstoppers that will put you in the spotlight.