The climactic swearing-in of President-elect Barack Obama, will take place on

January 20, 2009, beginning at 10a.m. on the West Front of the U.S. Capital in Washington, D.C. Focusing on the theme, “Renewing America’s Promise,” the 56th Presidential Inauguration will reflect the vision that underscores President-elect Obama’s and Vice-President-elect Joe Biden’s “commitment of restoring opportunity and possibility for all and re-establishing America’s standing as a beacon of hope around the world.”

President-elect Obama’s “commitment to hold an inauguration that is open and accessible to the public,” is in keeping with his promise of inclusiveness and hope for all Americans. As such, persons with valid tickets, which were obtained free of charge from their Congressman or Congresswoman, will be attending the swearing-in-ceremony which, according to Senator Diane Feinstein, Chairperson of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (JCCIC) “will be an event of historic proportion.”

In announcing the inaugural line up, Senator Feinstein said: “It is appropriate that the program will include some of the world’s most gifted artists from a wide range of backgrounds and genres.” The participants, who were selected by President-elect Obama, Vice-President-elect Biden, Jr., and Senator Feinstein, and invited by the members of the JCCIC, will partake in the program which follows:

Musical Selections: The United States Marine Band; Musical Selections: The San Francisco Boys Chorus and the San Francisco Girls Chorus; Call to Order and Welcoming Remarks: The Honorable Dianne Feinstein; Invocation: Dr. Rick Warren, Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA.; Musical Selection: Aretha Franklin; Oath of Office Administered to Vice President-elect Joseph R. Biden, Jr., by Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, The Honorable John Paul Stevens; Musical Selection: John Williams, composer/arranger, Itzhak Perlman, Violin Yo-Yo Ma, Cello Gabriela Montero, Piano Anthony McGill, Clarinet; Oath of Office Administered to President-elect Barack H. Obama By the Chief Justice of the United States, The Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr. (President-elect Obama will use President Lincoln’s Inaugural Bible). Inaugural Address: The President of the United States, The Honorable Barack H. Obama; Poem: Elizabeth Alexander; Benediction: The Reverend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery; The National Anthem: The United States Navy Band “Sea Chanters.”

Following his Inaugural Address, President Obama, will escort George W.Bush, the outgoing 43rd President of the United States to an exit ceremony, after which the new 44th Chief-of-State will attend a luncheon in the Statuary Hall of the Capital. Later, celebrants of the 56th Inaugural Parade will file from the Capital down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. The momentous day will end with ten official Inaugural Balls, including the Commander-in-Chief’s Inaugural Ball, all of which are hosted by the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

On the following morning of January 21, a prayer service, which will celebrate America’s diversity of faith,” will be held for President Obama and Vice-President Biden at the National Cathedral, in Washington, D.C. The sermon will be delivered by Dr. Sharon E. Watkins, General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciple of Christ).

In addition to the 56th Presidential Inauguration, there will be several other Pre- inauguration experiences from September 17 -21. Starting in Philadelphia, on Saturday, morning January 17, there will be an event, following which President-elect Obama and his invited guests will board a Washington, D.C. bound train. In Wilmington, DE., President-elect Joe Biden and his family will join the caravan, following which they will make another stop in Baltimore, MD., arriving in Washington, D.C later that afternoon.

Then on Sunday, January 18, President-elect Obama will commence the official Washington D.C. inaugural activities with a welcome event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The free event is open to the public. On Monday, January 19, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President-elect Obama and Vice-President-elect Biden and their families will honor the memory of Dr.King, joining “Americans in communities all across the country” by participating in activities dedicated to serving others in communities across the Washington, D.C. area. Later, on Monday evening there will be a free youth concert (tickets are required) at the Verizon Center in Downtown Washington, D.C.