Parents and guardians of children who attend public schools have been asking our members about the functioning of public schools during the emergency period following the passing of Hurricane Sandy. We are especially concerned about students in relocated regions and students impacted or dislocated by this disaster.

We are concerned about relocations that have students traveling two hours each morning and another two hours in the evening to attend schools like Franklin K. Lane High School. Can’t they relocate to schools that are closer to where they live? In fact, how has the daily attendance at schools been evaluated? Can students’ attendance be assessed during this disruptive period? What has been the impact within the school on instruction and student achievement? How will the current disruption impact the Regents examinations and other forms of student achievement assessments?

It has been rumored that the Department of Education is planning to offer online instruction. Is this true? There are very few details about this plan.

I would suggest that you or another high-ranking member of the department prepare a public address to give parents information and details about the functioning of public education during this emergency period in the lives of many New York City children.


Jitu K. Weusi

Chairperson, CPE, Brooklyn chapter