The Joy Cioci spring 2013 collection was full of fun-to-be-young looks. This young designer draws her inspiration from a background in luxury and contemporary looks. She offers women fresh, modern apparel. Her details are luxurious, with a novel approach. Her clothes are impeccably tailored, with fine craftsmanship. There’s an intimate thought process behind each piece. Cioci’s designs are feminine, sexy and romantic, and the designer’s influential personal inspiration play into each one of her meticulous designs.

For spring ’13, Cioci provides a versatile collection that women can wear every day. A Florida native, Cioci began her path in fashion at the age of 15. She created her first full collections in high school after switching her focus from art to fashion design. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, concentrating on evening wear and tailored garments.

Upon completing her studies, Cioci apprenticed at luxury houses such as Gucci, Carolina Herrera and Nina Ricci. She has also worked in contemporary fashion, assisting the launch of brands like Chelsea Flower and Wink. Cioci launched her own line in 2010. Her designs are feminine and they were well-received at Lincoln Center.

For fall, Memento Duo introduces boots to rock. “Accessories are much more than something you must wear. They make a statement about who you are. They are a mark and they can become a symbol,” David Bowie said on BBC Radio in 1997.

Presented in October, the collection is a capsule of what’s to come in fall/winter of next year, and it celebrates the birth of the first Memento Duo model: the Chelsea, symbol of transgression. It’s presented in four versions on a single shape. The styling includes tight-fitting on the leg, under the calf height with zip positioning in the internal part of the leg. The materials include white and black napa calf leather, silver laminated python, fully embroidered calf with metal thread that becomes an armored boot.

This boot collection was born from a desire to take a distance from the market and from fashion. It’s a new idea of wearing footwear. Memento Duo digs its roots in the tradition of footwear. The designer draws inspiration from Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Bowie, Patti Smith, Janis Joplin and Debbie Harry.

When artisan shoemakers created footwear sewn for the feet of rock stars, they had to think unique. Their boots indicated a certain lifestyle and behavior, and made a statement. For rock stars, Italian styles were a status. A sole shape for both men and women show small details that are differentiating the genders. Entirely made in Italy, these boots are assembled and sewn by hand. Soles are sewn with blake construction. It’s a typical manufacturing process of traditional shoe-making. The leather’s thickness is cut with a scalpel and then repositioned to cover and protect the stitches from rain.

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