Last week, 32BJ SEIU announced that it would support current Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer for city comptroller in the 2013 election. According to the union, the endorsement of Stringer resulted from a member-driven process that included a screening of the candidate last week by a committee of 32BJ members. According to 32BJ President Hector Figueroa, Stringer passed the test.

“The comptroller’s office is one of the most important in the city, with responsibility for overseeing city contracting, enforcing prevailing wage laws and managing a more than $100 billion pension fund for city employees,” said Figueroa. “Scott Stringer has, as Manhattan borough president, been a consistent champion of New York’s working people. He is a conscientious public official who has ensured that some of the city’s most important economic development projects create the kind of good jobs with decent wages and benefits that New York needs. He would serve our city exceptionally well as comptroller.”

Stringer also has a history of championing causes the union holds dear. During the week of Thanksgiving, Stringer appeared at a rally for airport workers at John F. Kennedy Airport. Security officers there are building a labor organization to fight against an apparent suppression of their rights by contractors Global Elite and Air Serv.

32BJ member Maurice Allen is a believer in Stringer and thinks that he’d bring integrity to the gig.

“Scott Stringer is independent,” said Allen. “That’s what I liked about him. He’s his own man. His only concern would be as a watchdog over the people’s money.