Venezuela is getting set to hold gubernatorial elections this coming Dec. 16. It is also in the midst of having legislators formulate the nation’s “Second Socialist Plan for 2013-2019,” which will determine how the country’s socialist-oriented government will operate for the next six years. However, as of this past weekend, the most important event taking place right now is occurring in Cuba, where the nation’s president, Hugo Chavez Frias, had had to return for further cancer treatments.

Just this past Saturday, Chavez had to get permission from the country’s National Assembly to fly back to Cuba for more surgery because he has had a recurrence of malignant cancer cells. “God willing, as on previous occasions, we will emerge victorious and continue moving forward,” Chavez said in a nationally televised broadcast, during which he announced that malignant cells had been found in the same area of his body that was operated on in 2011.

Even though there is a sense of uncertainty about his health, there is a strong current of faith that Chavez, 58, will recover, and that the socialist-oriented revolution that Venezuela is in the midst of will continue. Chavez himself noted that Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution was not only his creation, but that the public had pushed for his reforms and that should he be incapacitated as a result of his health problems, his vice president, Nicolas Maduro, would be able to continue the revolution’s new policies.

Before heading to Cuba on Monday, the television channel Venezolana de Television recorded Chavez telling his cabinet members, “I leave for Havana full of optimism! …We are warriors of life, full of light and faith in Christ, in God and in ourselves to keep fighting and winning!”