'Elza' at MIST Harlem and the art of Paul Campbell (39533)
'Elza' at MIST Harlem and the art of Paul Campbell (39532)

Mariette Monpierre’s “Elza” completes its two-week run this Sunday, Dec. 16, at the talk-of-the-town MIST Harlem Entertainment Center, 46 W. 116th St. The cinematically stunning film set in Paris and Guadeloupe is a benchmark feature about the changing Caribbean family.

The timely themes of abandoned offspring in search of their fathers and the proposed underlying reasons for this type of desertion play out in the lush setting of Guadeloupe, when Elza (Stana Roumillac) embarks on a cat-and-mouse escapade to find out all about her estranged father. Guadeloupe’s scenic beauty, rich culture, class divisions and racial prejudice and a family’s dysfunction are all topics that Monpierre tackles with an inquisitive tact that brings viewers into a world that is believable and worthy of exploration.

For more information, visit the official website at www.elzathemovie.com or view the trailer on YouTube. Visit MistHarlem.com for showtimes and ticket information.

The Art

of Paul Campbell

His fans know him as the leading man of such Jamaican films as “The Lunatic,” “Dance Hall Queen” and “Third World Cop”; however, there is another side to Paul Campbell. The Atlanta-based actor is also an accomplished artist who I caught up with over the weekend to briefly discuss his work as a painter.

“I’ve been an artist since high school,” Campbell shared, referring to Kingston College in Jamaica. A few years later, while working as a guide at the National Gallery of Jamaica, the experience really opened his eyes about art in Jamaica and internationally.

“My art is surreal,” he explains. It’s a mixture of reality with a touch of fantasy. He says he chose this medium because he always admired artists such as Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon, David Boxer, a Jamaican artist, and Colin Garland, who spent most of his life in Jamaica, though born in Australia.

For this holiday season, give the gift of a Paul Campbell painting. Featured is the piece ‘Fervent Hope,’ which, according to Campbell, speaks about taking care of our environment. “Man is destroying the ozone layer and this beautiful world we all share. ‘Fervent Hope’ is a picture of Mother Nature with her fingers crossed, hoping man will see what he is doing to the wonderful world we live in.”

For more information, watch “Paul the Painter” at youtube.com/watch?v=XdHPpsQjtQA or email him at reelpaulcampbell@yahoo.com.