After more than 30 years in the fashion industry, Ralph Rucci has cultivated an atelier of uniquely talented, skilled and creative individuals who share both his aesthetic and his passion for meticulous workmanship. Season after season, Rucci and his team of experts yield amazingly intricate work and innovative techniques while using the most extraordinary fabrics. The results are great garments of deceptive simplicity that never fail to elicit deep, visceral and emotional responses from his audience. The importance and depth of his work is well documented. For spring-summer 2013, the fashion week show at Lincoln Center was a huge success and very well received.

Rucci and his team take particular pride in the fact that every technique and item in his collections are created and made by hand in Chado Ralph Rucci’s New York City workrooms. Rucci believes he was born to create his chosen metier, and he continually strives to inspire the individual who independently finds her own sense of refinement, beauty and tranquility in the world of fashion. He is passionate about experimentation in cut, proportion and construction. He continues to seek ways to move his profession forward without distraction and to further his own vision.

Beginning with this season, spring 2013, Rucci is honored to be working in partnership with Chado’s new chief executive officer, Jeffry Aronsson. Aronsson is highly regarded in the fashion industry internationally, and he is committed to building the Chado Ralph Rucci brand throughout the world.

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