New leadership at Black AIDS Institute (40411)

A cadre of new leadership will usher in the new year at the Black AIDS Institute (BAI). Last month, the California-based think tank announced a new general board of directors to assist long-time President and CEO Phill Wilson with the organization’s ongoing battle against HIV/AIDS.

The new chairman of the BAI board is Neil Lowe, Ph.D, a partner at a New York-based financial services firm. Lowe will work in tandem with Wilson and other board members and staff in continuing to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS across the country. Additionally, the organization will implement a variety of new initiatives under the umbrella of President Barack Obama’s highly touted Affordable Care Act.

Both Lowe and Wilson contend that retooling the BAI for a revolving response to the AIDS epidemic in a post-health care reform world is tantamount to eradicating the virus. Wilson added that biomedical interventions will continue to play a key role in the fight against HIV/AIDS and lauded Lowe for being an advocate.

“We are at a deciding moment in the trajectory of the AIDS epidemic in Black America,” Wilson said. “Dr. Lowe brings an extensive background and deep relationships with the LGBT community–he is the right leader at the right time.”

The Black AIDS Institute is the nation’s only HIV/AIDS think tank and advocacy group devoted to African-Americans. Other board members include Grazell Howard, Edwin Sanders II, Lauren Hall, Jesse Milan Jr., Angela Bronner-Helm and Chris Cathcart. Please visit BAI online at