Suspension for Carmelo Anthony? (40057)
Suspension for Carmelo Anthony? (40056)

We probably need a stronger word than “disappointment” regarding the behavior of Carmelo Anthony that contributed to the Knicks losing an extremely physical 102-96 game to the Celtics this week at the Garden before a sellout crowd.

Anthony is, without question, among the top 10 gifted players in the league. Gifted is also the wrong word. His gifts were not handed to him. He worked hard to reach this exalted status among his peers. However, Anthony fell victim to Kevin Garnett’s mouth and physical play. Their rough play against each other resulted in double technical fouls and they came close to being ejected by the game’s officials.

The action threw Anthony off his game, and Anthony never explained what demons guided him in the direction of the Celtics’ dressing room and, seconds later, to their parked bus, waiting to be filled by the Celtics players, coaches and other team personnel. So was it his intention to enter the bus and drag Garnett off?

His beef with Garnett during the game was orchestrated by Garnett. With every opponent, Garnett studies them, probing to find their weaknesses, then latches onto them. Garnett got into Anthony’s mind, which eventually led to an almost physical confrontation that was witnessed by everyone in the arena, as well as around the country and world on television.

Garnett’s mouth and his pestering physical maneuvers put Anthony off his game, even though he has played against Garnett every year since they came into the league. Garnett’s mental and physical approach to the game will never change. Anthony did reach out to Garnett and they talked, reaching an accord via phone. That’s good news. and hopefully, no suspensions.