Utilizing what has become his trademark tough talk and brusque behavior, Gov. Chris Christie slammed the National Rifle Association last week after the group mentioned President Barack Obama’s daughters in an advertisement against gun control.

“It’s reprehensible for the National Rifle Association to run an ad bringing President Barack Obama’s daughters into the gun control debate,” Christie said at a conference in Trenton. “Children of public figures should be off limits to political attacks.”

The NRA, which has a national membership of about 4.3 million and is based in Fairfax, Va., accused Obama of being a hypocrite on the hot-button issue of gun control. The ad, in part, faulted Obama for allowing his daughters to be protected by armed Secret Service agents, even though he supposedly dismisses the notion of having armed guards at some of the nation’s schools.

Christie, 50, has remained mum about whether he accepts Obama’s recently released plans regarding sweeping changes in state gun control laws. The governor said he has formed a state task force to examine the relationship between the threefold issues of gun control, mental health and school safety.

“New Jersey has one of the toughest assault weapons bans in the country,” Christie said. “I support the laws that are already on the books.” The governor added that he would be willing to discuss and hear new ideas and suggestions regarding the matter.

Meanwhile, bloggers continue to weigh in heavily on the topic. One posted, “I’m all for gun owners’ rights. I have not heard from one gun owner as to why they need a weapon that exists only to kill many people!”

Another blogger posted, “It doesn’t matter … the bad guys will always find a way to have guns!”