'We must be partners in progress,' says Obama (38527)

We must celebrate and enjoy the achievements that America has made to get to the point where we are now. When the news broadcast that President Barack Obama had won a second term, many views and opinions surfaced about his re-election. The same is true about the inauguration last week. The AmNews spoke to some students about how they felt about the president.

“I liked the outcome of the election,” said Van-Taisia R., a high school student.

Another student, Nyasia B., said, “I think the outcome was just great. Obama is a better leader for the people. He is most capable to help us after events such as the devastating Hurricane Sandy.”

These Bedford Academy students were happy with the news that Obama would be in the White House for another four years, with his wife, Michelle, and their children, Sasha and Malia.

Lee Burchett, a U.S. history teacher said, “It is very obvious that in this day and age, money, power and influence are not enough to win a presidential election. The people have spoken!

“Despite the rhetoric, missed opportunities and falsehoods, the people of the United States could see through that, and find the real sincere and obvious choice.”

It seems that a common opinion in the Black community is that people are happy that Obama won because they believed he would be better leader than Mitt Romney, who Obama faced in the 2012 presidential election. The students told the AmNews that they were excited that the president has the chance to keep helping the people.

“No matter what happens in the next four years, President Obama has given our youth a role model, a shining example of what they could aspire to be. So the next time a young person of color says, ‘I want to become president when I grow up,’ he or she can thank him for that!” said Burchett.

Last week, Obama’s inauguration took place on Martin Luther King Day. Four years ago, I went to Washington and saw Obama give his speech. Since I was 10 years old and cold, I really wasn’t paying attention to him and his speech. I knew it was historic though. The feeling in the crowd was great.

“I remember how everyone was very excited and thinking about having their first Black president in the White House,” said Nosayaba, who is 11 years old now, but was 7 then. “I think we should expect great things from the president.”