Lil B, nicknamed “The BasedGod” joins other artists such as Stevie Wonder, RZA, and Nas who have used their music to express their anti-gun stances with the release of his newest music video, “Ban the Weapons.”

The rapper debuted the newest video off his newest mixtape “Pink Flame” this morning on his official “BasedGod Tv” YouTube channel.

Although his anti-gun stance does not come until the end of the song, Lil B is forthcoming about his opinion. “I can’t even trust the gun. You know, ban the guns, ban the knives. All that s–t, we don’t need weapons n—a,” he raps. In the same verse, Lil B associates the use of guns to having fear.

Lil B releases his music video at time when the gun control debate is at its peak and his fans seem to be both influenced and impressed. “I was a strong advocate of allowing Americans to carry fully loaded assault rifles until watching this music video. Now, I am in full agreement with the ban of every gun in America, one YouTube commenter said.

Another commenter argues that the message of “Ban the Weapons” conflicts with previous songs Lil B has released. ” [He says] no guns but has many guns and kids be impressed. Stop man!! Get serious and pick a side,” one comment on You Tube says.

If assessing Lil B’s stance on gun control through his lyrics, it is understandable why his fans may be confused. “Shoot a Gun,” released in 2010, does make reference to the rapper using a “AK-47” and a “glock.” On the other hand, “What You Think About It” serves as another example of his anti-gun opinion. Lil B raps: “What you think about stopping violence, causing all the tyrants, putting guns down…No weapons.”

This is not the first time Lil B has utilized his music to take a stance against an issue. He released a song in 2012, “Ima Catch a Murder” which he dubs within the lyrics as the anti-bullying song.