Art show raises money to help Haiti (37192)

From Here to Haiti hosted its fourth annual art show fundraiser on a recent weekend, featuring pieces from more than 50 Haitian and international artists.

The organization raises money to fund repairing non-governmental buildings in Haiti. Patricia Brintle, a Haitian native, is the founder and president of the organization as well as an artist. Many of her paintings are showcased at the shows, which take place at Patricia Brintle’s house in Whitestone, Queens.

Around 200 people attended the show, which raised $4,300. About one-third of the proceeds raised will go to From Here to Haiti.

Unlike the first art show, which showcased only Brintle’s Haitian pieces, this show featured work from Brazil, Barbados, Antigua, Cuba and more. What started as a one-gallery show has grown to involve six galleries.

“Now people are starting to realize this is something nice,” Brintle said. “Artists even began donating work. It’s growing so fast.”

Not only were there paintings, but mirrors, bags, dishware and scarves, which featured Brintle’s artwork and sold out on the first day of the show.

The artists included Laura James, Eric Girault, Leon Nicholas Kalas, Leslie Chassagne and Michael Brudent.

Ruth and Warren Kahn, gallerists from Medalia Art, guided guests and explained the differences between the paintings from different countries. They also helped Thomas Straczynski, a collector who comes to the show every year, decide what to bring home.

Any artists interested in being a part of next year’s show or getting involved with the organization should contact Brintle at 718-746-3012 or email

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