For fall/winter 2013-2014, Custo Barcelona’s collection combines a bionic aesthetic with sport and feminine inspiration to represent “The Beauty” and the ethnic, ornamental aesthetic with large volumes inspired by the harsh Nordic winters to give life to “The Beast.” The collection was absolutely complete for men and women.

The label’s clothes are styled with amazing details. Everything is very wearable. Fabrics, patterns and colors are mixed. For instance, men’s suits are smartly styled in two colors of the same patterns. Some styles are trimmed with leather, strips of furs and different fabric treatments in the back of a jacket. Knit pants have a loose fit on top with slit-side pockets. Caplets, bulky sweaters and hooded vests are often toppers. Pleats are back!

The Beauty shows off a woman’s sexy side with fitted volumes, pronounced shoulders and ergonomic cuts. Custo Barcelona shows a selection of short-sleeved dresses, mini and maxi sweaters and form-fitted overalls with sporty cuts. These looks highlight the female form with short patchwork jackets of multiple fabrics. The collection includes sporty sweatshirts with very feminine details in the design of the shoulders, sleeves and hems. The backs also play a major role, with large openings that show off the back.

At the other end, the Beast protects itself from the cold of winter in coats that feature innovative architecture and rounded geometry. There’s always an emphasis on the sleeves and spherical forms. Patches in a variety of fabrics, such as fur with baroque spun wool and ethno-futuristic metal pieces, are daringly mixed in an ornamental and tribal aesthetic.

In the show, shoes are made of highly fantastical wools that are woven with thick threads. The forms consist of an ankle boot with a geometric heel, high-topped athletic shoes and low athletic shoes. Footwear is inspired by sports such as tennis and kickboxing.

Good Show!