From 1972 to 1983 there was a total of 225,020 murders, countless numbers of children have been murdered. It’s still going on today, children are murdered, murderers, in prison, in gangs, abused, dropping out of school, shooting up the school, stealing, robbing, homeless, scared, lonely, and crying, wishing someone would help. You don’t have to live like this. Your children don’t have to live like this. Everyday you wake up, you have a choice, you can change your life. This is the story of a young lady that has gone through more in less than 20 years than most people would go through in their lifetime. Can she find a way out, is there a way out. Come out and enjoy a day at the theatre. This is an opportunity to see a film that is on it’s way to the film festivals. Meet the cast and crew, and some of the survivors. This is going to be a special day at the Black Spectrum Theatre on March 16, 2013.