Harlem Restaurant & Retail Month begins (39059)

Don’t despair if you didn’t make it out of Harlem for New York City’s Restaurant Week. Harlem does have way too much to offer to leave. Thank goodness Harlem Park to Park kicks off its fourth annual Spring Harlem Restaurant and Retail Month on Friday February 15th through 28th.

There is an impressive list of the top restaurant and retail establishments in Central Harlem, the hub for New York City’s premiere dining, shopping, and nightlife destinations north of 110th street. With food options like Ristorante Settepani’s braised monkfish and services that include a week’s worth of Unlimited Led Classes from Land Yoga, Harlemites and visitors alike will have a rich variety of options and opportunities to sample the neighborhood’s finest offerings.

The month, which has consistently attracted visitors from across the city, is one of Harlem Park to Park’s most successful programs, says the group’s executive director, Nikoa Evans Hendricks. “We have developed this program over four years now and have found that it is a positive experience, both for the businesses and the patrons. Our goal is to help businesses reach the largest audience possible and our Harlem Restaurant and Retail Month really offers businesses the chance to do that, with many reporting seeing at least a 10-15 percent jump in business,” she added.

The following are the twenty participating businesses:


67 Orange Street, Bleu Violin, Chez Lucien, Chocolat Restaurant and Lounge, Corner Social, Cove Lounge, Harlem Food Bar, Harlem Tavern, Lenox Coffee, Moca Lounge, Native Restaurant, Red Rooster Harlem, Ristorante Settepani, Sylvia’s/Sylvia’s Also Lounge

Retail Services:

Brownstone Fitness, Doggedly Devoted, Franz James Floral Boutique, Harlem Flo – A Floral Boutique, Harlem Skin Clinic, Land Yoga

For more information about Spring Harlem Restaurant and Retail Month visit Harlem Park to Park on Facebook at www.facebook.com/harlemparktopark.