It’s been quite a week for Bernard Hopkins, boxing’s ageless wonder. Hopkins is set to lace up his gloves for a showdown against young and powerful opponent Tavoris Cloud, who will show no mercy against his opponent, the 48-year-old Hopkins, who absolutely refuses to recognize Father Time. Cloud was born Jan. 10, 1982 in Tallahassee, Fla. You do the math.

Hopkins and Don King, who promotes Cloud and Oscar de la Hoya, have spent the past two weeks promoting this fight card, which will be held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center this Saturday, March 9. Sometimes Hopkins gets edgy when asked when he’s going to retire. He’s sick of people discussing his time table. “I should be the one to dictate where I go and when it’s time to go. If I had listened to people, I would have never made history in a lot of things,” Hopkins said.

“He’s a three-time and two division champ,” said de la Hoya. “He’s a future first-ballot Hall of Famer and has defended his title 20 times. He’s solidified his place in history as one of the best middleweights in history.” The fight may well be a sellout by the time the bell rings for the two gladiators to get it on. “I got busses of my fans coming from Philadelphia, Delaware and Jersey,” Bernard noted.

“I think it’s wonderful. [Hopkins has] had such a unique, grand career,” King said. “I’ll be bringing with me the guy that’s a mini Tyson,” said King, referring to his fighter, Cloud.

“[He is] someone that comes to fight. He’s as great a fighter as Bernard,” King said as he rolled his eyes and broke into a river-wide smile that delighted the media. Hopkins also seemed to force a smile. “Tavoris Cloud is going to be thunder and lightning, and Bernard is a great fighter,” King said. “That can’t be taken away from his 27-year career. He’s 48 years of age and stepping up to the plate to make history again by being the oldest champion in the world. However, that will be circumvented by Tavoris Cloud. He’s coming from the streets to the suites, and no one is going to beat him. He’s going to remain undefeated.”

King closed with a smile and a promise of victory from Cloud, the 24-0 IBF lightweight champ.