Former Essence magazine Editor-In-Chief fired for standing up for black women (40237)

After less than two years on the job, Essence Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Constance C. White, left her position. While the public was initially led to believe that she left voluntarily, the former editor told Richard Price, in his Journal-isms blog on diversity issues in the news business for The Root, that she was fired.

“I went in there with passion and excitement and high expectations,” White told Journal-isms, referring to her 2011 hiring. “It wasn’t what I expected at all.”

According to White, since Essence went from being Black-owned to owned by Time, Inc., they “sought to limit the way black women were portrayed”

She further explained A lot of the readers have sensed [the difference].”

Finally, in this past January, the last straw was drew between Martha Nelson, editor-in-chief of Time Inc, and White. In an interview with Journal-isms, White said “My boss [Martha Nelson] said, ‘you know what? It’s time to go.’ I was asked to leave my position. I asked, ‘Was it something we can discuss, or has the decision been made?’ She said, ”The decision has been made.’”

However, the set back hasn’t put White down for good. “I still love magazines,” White told Journal-isms. “I’m considering my next move. I’m happy to be able to see more of my kids.” She also stated “Later this month I will be speaking at Syracuse University on branding and the media and I will resume my appearances on NY Live!,” referring to “New York Live,” a daily lifestyle show on New York’s WNBC-TV.

She still hopes for the best with Essence onward as well.

She told Journal-isms “I’d really like to see Essence move forward in a stronger way. I’m even more concerned about how Essence has fared being part of Time Inc. It hasn’t fared particularly well. Hopefully, this upheaval will be for the better”