DL1961's perfect-fitting jeans for fall (40464)
DL1961's perfect-fitting jeans for fall (40463)

In September 2008, DL1961 Premium Denim launched its “perfect-fitting jeans” in New York City. Their line is crafted exclusively with XFIT LYCRA denim, a fabric that not only molds to each individual’s body, but boasts 90 percent shape retention. This fabric means the end to jeans that simply sag, bag and lose their shape.

Due to this unparalleled fit concept, DL1961 Premium Denim’s popularity has been on an upward trajectory since its inception. Aside from being featured in every major publication, DL1961 jeans have also become a staple in the closets of celebrities and trendsetters alike. The company now showcases more than 100 styles in various colors, weights, washes and textures. The jeans are currently sold in over 1,200 stores worldwide.

DL Premium Denim is a vertically integrated brand that is family-owned and operated by individuals who have been producing garments for over three generations. Their quality workmanship shows their expertise in working with denim and their passion for cutting-edge technology. Today, their massive global network of production facilities is extremely successful. Their jeans are now fittingly called the most revolutionary brand in the market.