Photographer Mel Wright has just returned from Haiti with members of the Emmanuel Baptist Church. “We were there to help build homes and to distribute ‘Luci Lamps,’ solar lamps, in Lambi Village, Port-Au-Prince. One of my church members, Rotimi Akinnuoye, brought in 2,000 pair of shoes, which we gave out. He created the non-profit organization [Global Soles] to put shoes on the feet of people in developing countries.”

Wright added that a lot of people in Haiti are desperate for shoes. He urged the general public to help out, saying, “If you have any used shoes that you don’t wear anymore and might not wear again, please contact me, and I will arrange to pick them up. This is an easy request; it’s not about money, it’s just about shoes that you might discard anyway. If someone out there has deep pockets and you want to buy new shoes, those inexpensive shoes at the Payless shoe stores are like gold to a lot of the people there. In the village we worked in, the people weren’t concerned about Nike, Puma or Air Jordans, just shoes on their feet. This request is for children, women and men in any size you have–but no pumps or boots. Thank you.”

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