Has spring sprung? It certainly feels like it, because warmer winds are finally swirling around us with the sweet scent of daffodils in the air. This is great unless you suffer from hay fever, then this time of year can be brutal.

Work your way over to the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services website (www.nyc.gov/dcas). The site provides a listing of the various civil service positions offered by the city along with their respective applications and testing dates. Positions such as case worker, motor vehicle operator and administrative investigator are just a few of the various employment opportunities that the city has to offer. These are just a few of the positions for which, if you pass the Civil Service Exam, you will be eligible to have your name placed on the waiting list; when the position becomes available, you will be called for the opening.

Hey, it doesn’t hurt to try and have something cooking in the meantime while you’re pursuing your real dream. Actually, working for the city can be a dream job. Positions come with paid holidays, sick leave, vacation time, health benefits and a pension upon retirement. The main requirement for all applicants is that the applicant can speak and understand English.

The case worker exam has the following instructions: “You will be given a multiple-choice test at a computer terminal. Your score on this test will be used to determine your place on an eligible list. You must achieve a score of at least 70 percent to pass the test. The multiple-choice test may include questions on reading comprehension; written expression; the ability to tell when something is wrong or likely to go wrong and take the correct steps to reach a solution; applying procedures or general rules to specific problems or cases; synthesizing information, such as using data to fill out a form; using a given set of rules or objectives to arrange information into the best or most appropriate order or sequence; and other related areas.” See? Not so brutal.

Students are encouraged to log onto www.findinternships.com, because the summer internship programs are about to begin. Thousands of summer and year-round internships are available from top companies and organizations like Microsoft, Apple, NAACP, Coca-Cola, Sony, CNN, Smithsonian and many more. This site guides students through the process and provides a list of companies who are accepting applications. While an internship has the connotation of being profitless, the experience and contacts are invaluable; you never know where an internship may lead.

Happy birthday to you, Paula Battle, Sophonia Dickens, “Fish Charlie” Moore, Bryant Barksdale, Rocco Nuneri, Amorette Shaw (TWU Local 100), Carlos Southerland, Joseph “J.B.” Gurley, Tanya Fogle, Ebony Steward (MTA), Dinisha Johnson (118th Street) and Sasha Matthew (Ms. P’s on 118th Street).

Have you heard? Chia seeds are the new flax seeds. Chia seeds are these little tiny seeds that pack a powerful punch. They’re high in fiber, low in fat and can be added to any recipe your little heart desires. Thank you to Ibrahum Olsugen of Abujuland Enterprise in the Bronx who, I think it’s safe to say, is in the business of nutrition. I received a very nice letter from him (via the Amsterdam News), with some good tips on how to eat right.

His advice is to watch the salt intake, and substitute rice–yes, even brown rice–with cracked (“bulgar”) wheat or Kashi brand wheat groats (groats?). Gee, he asks for a lot.

I have gotten into the habit of rinsing my brown rice before I cook it to remove the high levels of newly found (or newly revealed) arsenic. However, I am still suspicious when, after I’ve thoroughly rinsed the rise, I notice that the rice kernels are not as brown as before the rinse; dare I say the brown rice has turned white?

Hale House held its annual spring black-tie gala, hosted by Patricia Clarkson and honoring Sharon Bush and Christine Larsen. Meanwhile, Jesse DeVore, son-in-law of founder Clara “Mother” Hale, reports that his wife, Dr. Lorraine Hale, is doing well considering everything. As you must have read, the Hales were sentenced to five years probation for siphoning donations and funds to places other than where they should have been–or so they say. I believe the five years should be up by now, and time does march on.

Christy Rutherford and Arielle Patrick looked absolutely divine at the Frick Collection’s Young Fellows Ball 2013, sponsored by Donna Karan New York. Also in attendance was my “It” girl, Hannah Bronfman. Where does she shop? Hannah always looks great. Her closet must be the size of a three-bedroom apartment in one of those older apartment complexes–definitely not in one of the new condos.

Not only does Hannah look good, but she knows how to stand up straight and smile, outshining anyone she is photographed next to. Not just a pretty face, the girl also knows how to D.J. She’s all of that and a hands-on techie.

Hassan Pierre was there looking rather dapper. The only problem was that he was with the wrong girl. Now, he and Hannah–that might work. But am I playing matchmaker here? Quel dommage!

Save Venice’s Black & White Masquerade Ball at the Pierre was actually attended by Kim Colbert, Brooke Lanier, Dawne Marie Grannum and Owen Barnes. Good thing too, because from the look of things, they needed to spice up the joint a little.

Until next week … kisses