I had an idea of where this week’s words were gonna go when I put pen to paper, but then here we go again. Now the city of Boston has taken a direct hit, and the life they once knew will be usurped as the grip of terror once again tightens around the jugular of the nation.

Minimal physical damages aside, the psychological effects will live on. Especially for the parents of the youngest of the three fatalities, an 8-year-old boy. The loss of life of children has plagued this writer since I feared the Northern migration of the persons behind the Atlanta child murders until now, in the 21st century, when kids are facing the mortality test against gang culture, individual wackos and terrorist. As an adult, I offer my apologies for the plight you kids find yourselves in. As a team, we’ll get it right. So this week, we’re going to give the young’uns some light.

At press time, the annual Garden of Dreams Talent Show, an event where children from various Garden of Dreams partner organizations who all face various issues–whether they relate to illness, homelessness, poverty, foster care or tragedy–are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform on the Great Stage at Radio City Music Hall, was about to transpire. For one memorable evening, the children got an opportunity to forget their problems, celebrate their unique voices and talents, and passionately perform in front of their family, friends and some of their favorite sports and music personalities.

Having dreams is one thing, but to actually live them is entirely different. Fortunately, for one little girl, her dreams of becoming a huge international superstar came to fruition. And because she’s on fire, she blazed the stage at a capacity-filled house on the big stage at Madison Square Garden, blocks away from where she lived as a child. Truth is, I have no idea of what her aspirations were as a child, but by the way she held the audience captive both in the recording studio and on stages nationally for the past decade, it’s easy to forget that she, Alicia Keys, still has a pinnacle to reach.

Last Saturday, another homecoming of sorts transpired. It’s a little-known fact to the casual audience that one of the top three greatest basketball players and the biggest sports brand in sports history was birthed in Brooklyn, N.Y. So it’s fitting that in its return to the New York area, the Jordan Brand Classic literally held court at the Barclays Center. In years past, the game introduced players like Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, LeBron James and New York. native and Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony to the basketball mecca when they were high schoolers. This year, the kids went hard in a surprisingly good game for an exhibition. In the very near future, expect to hear from a few of these kids being described as the next breakout NBA stars.

Before we check out, we’ve got to get back to normal … all shows this week will be shut down after Friday, April 19, as Teddy Riley and Dave Hollister reunite for the return of Blackstreet. The show takes place at the Best Buy Theatre at 8 p.m. Over and out. Holla next week. Till then, enjoy the nightlife.