In celebration of World Art Day , on Tuesday, the Swedish minister of Culture, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, opened the ceremonies at the museum of Modern Art in Stockholm by cutting the genetals off a cake that represented at a Black, African woman.

Laying naked, painted black with disproportionate red lips, big teeth and a large smile, this cake is reminiscent of the Sambo characters, blackface and all the racist stereotypes concerning Black women.

The Black, African-Sweedish artist who created the cake is is Makode Linde. In a story published by Radio Sweden (a Swedish Press) he said:

“Considering the poor offering of art in Sweden that could be defined as African-Swedish, one would have hoped that the people in the National Association for African Swedes were more aware of the artwork that I do.”

Whether they were aware or not the photos and videos of this event were met with severe backlash online. Smiling and laughing the minister performed a clitoridectomy on this cake, cutting of the Black woman’s genital while her head, played by a live actor, screamed at each slice.

The Museum later explained that the artistic cake was meant to expose female circumcision which is considered internationally as a Human Right Violation.

The horrific scene of mutilation seemed to be enjoyed by all the guests who can be seen in videos and photos from the event laughing and applauding.

Fria Tider , a Swedish news website reported that such an attitude is surprising from Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth who has always positioned herself as an anti-racist.

The National Association for African Swedes is now asking for her to resign saying that this cake is nothing but “a racist caricature of a Black woman,” according to Radio Sweden

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