Clover Canyon's geometric prints (36286)
Clover Canyon's geometric prints (36285)
Clover Canyon's geometric prints (36284)

Designed and produced in Los Angeles, each Clover Canyon collection reflects the eclectic, joyful spirit and simple details of California. The prints are vivid in streamlined shapes.

Working collaboratively and drawing on their shared passion for travel and art, the team of designers creates original prints that are hand-engineered to frame and shape the body. It’s all about new technology. These designs meet old-world craftsmanship as garments that are designed, patterned, cut and sewn in-house. Their show during Fashion Week was exciting and very newsworthy.

The look of Clover Canyon is, in a word, jubilant. These are clothes that look like they’ve been sewn from the threads of endless voyages, from the tribal plains of Africa and the courts of ancient kings through the annals of art history and beyond. Shapes convey today’s modern ease. Clover Canyon invites women to join it on its journey of the imagination. Where do you want to go?

Rozae Nicols, designer of the Clover Canyon line, has developed a distinct visual language that has earned her a worldwide following. She launched her collection just over a year ago as a lower-priced alternative to her namesake line, Rozae R.N.

Born in Los Angeles, Nicols worked as a designer in Paris and Los Angeles before launching her first collection in 1993. Nicols’ design approach is casual elegance with easygoing, hand-cut designs in dynamic prints. She works with digital printing that’s transcended a period of being a trend.

The current trend of digital printing’s equivalent was really born in the ’70s, when the development of “photo-transfer” was realized through new technology of the four-color process and its application for textile use. Her favorite fabric is chiffon. She designs for curious, open-hearted women with a sense of humor.

If you’re thinking about becoming a designer, Nicols suggested, “Be true to your soul. Develop your concepts, and hone your craft.” Clover Canyon is internationally available in the finest specialty stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Lane Crawford.